5 Side Hustle Ideas for 2021

In this post I will show you 5 side hustles that you can do to make extra money. These are side hustles that I have tried and that you can try too.

However do not quit your day job, these ideas are simply to supplement your income. They are not intended to replace your income immediately. You will need little or no money to get started and some can be started from anywhere in the world.

1. Virtual Assistant / Freelance

This is someone who will perform various tasks. You are basically assisting a business owner with tasks that they may not have the time or willingness to do. Some of these companies are home based and would prefer someone assisting them virtually. Or they are simply looking for ways to cut cost by not having to hire a full time person to have to pay overhead expenses and benefits.

You can be anywhere in the world hence the name “virtual”. However your English need to be fluent so that you can effectively communicate with customers. The salary is about $10 to $50 per hour or you can set your own amount based on the service you offer and the competition.

Use platforms such as UpWork.com, Fiverr.com or Freelancer.com to post your service for business owners to connect with you. You can also reach out to persons on these websites who are looking for a service that you can provide.

To get started, consider offering your service for free to get things rolling to get some positive reviews. Once possible clients see the positive reviews they are more likely use your service.

2. Paid Tests

This is certainly one of the easiest side hustles to make money. With this opportunity you give your experience of a product, service, website, app, etc. Websites such as UserTesting.com or TryMyUI.com or UserFeel.com can be used to find opportunities. You will have to complete a short survey or test about your experience with the product or service. Then you simply give recommendations on how it can be made better.

On average you earn $10 for every 20-minute test you complete and even more for interviews. The more tests/surveys you take, your ratings will go up and higher paying tests will be offered to you.

3. Delivery Services

This side hustle is mainly for persons residing in the U.S.A. You will not need any experience because the company will let you know exactly what to do. You will need a vehicle because you will be making deliveries for persons or companies using your personal vehicle. You will need to create an account on platforms such DoorDash.com, GrubHub.com, UberEats.com.

Basically, here is how it works, once you are accepted, they will issue you a debit card. The debit card is used to make purchases so that you do not have to spend your own money. You will then go to a specified store, restaurant, etc. and purchase goods for a client; then you will deliver it. You can make up to $25 or more per hour and that does not include tips.

4. Hosting Webinars or Online Classes

Start offering paid classes and webinars. Believe it or not, someone, somewhere in the world wants to learn something that you already know. This side hustle requires preparation. However it can be easy because you will be teaching persons something that you are already good at and passionate about. You will be getting paid to share your knowledge.

You can charge $20 or $30 for an hour webinar on using a free platform like Zoom. If just ten people took part in the webinar, you literally made $200 to $300 in one hour. Be professional, do not “wing it”, have an agenda with notes to cover and stick to it. Having an agenda keep you on track to operate within the time frame of the webinar.

5. Sell Digital Products

The beauty about this side hustle is that you just need to do it once and you will get paid over and over again passively. If there is a problem that you have experienced and you have the solution, document it in the form of an ebook or audio clip and then sell it.

The topic of your digital product can be anything. For example: “How To Get Rid of Acne In 3 Steps”. “How To Make $100 Per Day In The Next 3 Days”… “The Simple Guide to Build the Perfect Dog House”, etc.

Make sure that your product offers something of value and not just something “slapped” together. People want access to solutions quickly; an ebook is available for instant download. You will have to put in some work to create the ebook in the beginning.

However, once it’s done, you won’t have to do anything else other than collect the money. You can use platforms such as DigiStore24.com ClickBank.com, JVZoo.com, WarriorPlus.com or PayPal to host your ebook and automate the process. Customers will pay and download the ebook even while you sleep. This is easy money indeed.


The 5 side hustles mentioned above and the ones on this page are easy to start and require little or no money to get started. They utilize skills and resources that may already be available to you. As a result there is no excuse to not get started or to procrastinate. Pick one of the side hustles and work at it. Extra income is waiting for you to tap into it.

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