Invesable AI Review: Important Info You Must Know

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In this blog post I will give an honest and unbiased review about Invesable AI Asset Management PTE Limited. The information I am about to reveal to you is very important. This is crucial information you must be aware of before you even consider joining or before you invest your hard earned money into the platform. Take note that I am not a financial advisor, neither am I giving you financial advice. Do your own due diligence.

“Disclosure: I am an affiliate marketer. As a result, there may be some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used. I get commissions for purchases made through links on this page. Please read my complete AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE policy for more info.”

I know you are ready to find out more information about Invesable AI, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page. So lets get started.

Exactly What Is Invesable AI?

Invesable AI is a High Yield Investment Program (H.Y.I.P.). These types of platforms promise to deliver extraordinarily high profits on investments, often surpassing 100% annually. These assertions lack any foundation in actuality and lack support from reputable legal or financial establishments. Although a few might endure, a significant number collapse mere days after launch.

As a result, InvesableAI has risk involved; you can lose some or all of your money. On the same token you can make a substantial profit on your investment. High Risk, High Reward!

Main Points About the Invesable AI Program:

  • Invesable AI claim to be an experienced team involved in FOREX and CRYPTO trading. They state that they use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze market data and make investment decisions.
  • The C.E.O and founders of Invesible AI are Lee Dalton and Richmond Ray.
  • The official company name is registered as InvesableAI Asset Management PTE. LTD. registration number 202323989R. It is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore. See info here

  • The company address is listed as: 12 Woodlands Square737715 Admiralty / Woodlands(D25) , Singapore. Email address:
  • The website launched for business on 7 June 2023. However, they did not obtain their business registration in Singapore until 19 June 2023.
  • It is open to members worldwide.
  • Free registration and activation of your account.

  • Multiple investment accounts per individual are not allowed. If your household has multiple individuals willing to become InvisibleAI investors, you must contact InvisibleAI Customer Support prior to the investment account registration and disclose the situation in order to prevent your accounts being flagged.
  • Investments can be made using Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Tether USDT (TRC, BSC and ERC20).
  • There are four (4) investment plans. The lowest level entry amount is $500.00. See compensation plan section below.
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More Company Details About Invesable AI:

  • The minimum deposit amount is $500. There is no maximum on the amount you want to deposit. You can make multiple deposits; however each deposit will be reflected as an individual package. Once a deposit is made it is added immediately to start earning returns.
  • Profit accumulation is calculated every day of the week (Mon-Sun) for the “Create Wealth” investment package. However for the “Fortune” and “Accelerator” investment packages your profit accumulation is calculated only on business days.

  • You can not withdraw your deposit before the cycle is completed. You can only withdraw daily accruals, bonuses or referral commissions.
  • Upon maturity of your investment package, your initial deposit (principal) will be transferred back into your account. A credit will be reflected in your account balance. At this point, you may elect to withdraw the funds or keep it in your account to easily reinvest.
  • Internal reinvestment is allowed for compounding of earnings. All you have to do is go to the “Deposit” section and select the investment plan, then choose currency balance you want to use. The system will take funds from your balance to make another / new investment.

  • Invesable AI also offers “peer to peer transfer”. This provides the ability for a member to transfer funds to other members in the platform.
  • InvestableAI also has a feature to allow the exchange of one currency to another. There is a 2% fee involved, should you decide to use this tool.
  • Minimum withdraw is $1.00 for all available crypto currencies.
  • You can withdraw up to $7000 of your daily earnings every 5 days as a “Fortune” or “Accelerator” package investor. There are No Limits on withdrawal of your earnings in the “Create Wealth” package. Bonus & Commission withdrawal limit is: $10000 a week for every user.

  • Withdrawal operations are available every hour, even on weekend.
  • Withdrawals of earnings and referral commissions are processed manually with 24 – 48 hours.
  • The site provides a six by ten (7×10) multi-level affiliate program.
  • You DO NOT have to have an active investment to receive affiliate earnings from your referrals.
  • Their referral program has six (6) ranks: The basic rank called “Beginner” status, starts with affiliate earnings of 6% at the first level, 2% at the second level and 1% at the third level. The top rank called “A.I. Riches” status is the highest partner status that offers the ability to earn commissions from your referrals to 10 levels deep, totaling up to 27%.
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Invesable AI Compensation Plan

InvesableAI claim to offer a generous compensation plan for investors of their platform. Having a well-structured compensation plan is a crucial element in attracting and retaining financial backers. This plan outlines how investors will be rewarded for their capital contributions and risk-taking. A fair and transparent compensation plan is essential to build trust and maintain long-term investor relationships. It aligns the interests of investors with those of the company, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership and ensuring that everyone shares in the rewards of success.

Does Invesable AI provide a well-structured comp-plan for long-term rewards? Let’s take a look at how their plan works…

The Invesable AI compensation plan offers 4 ways for members to earn money. These include:

  • Return on Investment – You earn daily from your own investment into an investment package
  • Affiliate Program – You earn a percentage of any investment made by those you refer to the program
  • Matching Referral Bonus – You get paid a percentage if you and your direct referral each deposit a certain amount above $2500.00
  • Matching Team Bonus – You get paid a percentage of whatever your entire team has deposited

Compensation Plan: Investment Packages

InvesableAI has somewhat changed it’s compensation plan compared to when the “company” first launched. When the program first launched they offered 3 investment packages with a starting investment amount of only $50.00 and the highest being $3000.00. However they have since removed the $50.00 package and the starting investment amount is now $500.00 and the highest is $10,000.00. That’s a big jump compared to their initial offerings.

The owner of InvesableAI Lee Dalton stated on an August 14, 2023 webinar that the reason for the change of their investment package offerings is to provide the opportunity for bigger investors to grow their “money at a faster rate”.

invesableAi new investment package image

Compensation Plan: Affiliate Program

InvestableAI offers an affiliate program to earn commissions from your referrals. It has a 1×10 uni-level matrix; meaning that you appear on level one and you have the possibility of earning commissions from persons directly referred by you and down to 10 levels of persons referred by your team. The percentage of your earnings is determined by your “rank status”. You are promoted in rank based on the amount of money that you have personally invested into the platform.

Their referral program has six (6) ranks: The basic rank called “Beginner” status, starts with affiliate earnings of 6% at the first level, 2% at the second level and 1% at the third level. The top rank called “A.I. Riches” status is the highest partner status that offers the ability to earn commissions from your referrals down to 10 levels deep, totaling up to 27% of their deposit. See image below:

Compensation Plan: Matching Referral Bonus

Moving over to other Matching Referral Deposit bonus aspect of the InvesableAI compensation plan. You only earn for your direct referrals. For example, if you deposit $5,000.00, and your first level downline individually or collectively deposit $5,000 or more, you will receive a bonus of 2% of the $5000 which will result in $100 bonus being added to your account. If you make an investment of $25,000.00, you will earn six percent bonus. And if you make $100K deposit, you will get 20%, once your team individually or collectively deposit $100,000.00.

Now, like I said, this is only for your level one referrals. This bonus is only paid one time for your present deposit level. The table below shows the earning amounts for the various levels of deposits:

invesable-ai-referral-bonus image

InvesableAi Compensation Plan: Team Turnover Bonus

Turning over to the Team Turnover bonus, no pun intended. Invesable-AI rewards members for generating downline investment volume. So you get a direct bonus reward when your Total Team investment turnover reaches a certain amount according to the table below.

For example, the amount of money invested by your referrals totals $10,000.00, you will receive 2% or a $200.00 bonus reward. If your total team deposit is $100,000.00, you will get a 4% reward bonus that you can withdraw or reinvest. If your team deposit is $1,000,000.00, you will get a 20% reward bonus that you can withdraw or reinvest.

Note: You get a direct bonus reward when your total team deposit turnover reaches a certain amount according to the table below:

Who Are The Owners / CEO / Founders of InvesableAI?

The CEO and co-founders of InvesableAI are Lee Dalton and Richmond Ray Gonzales. The marketing director of InvisibleAI is Reid Fletcher also known as “Reid Alan”.

Lee Dalton ~ CEO & Co-Founder of Invesable-AI

Lee Dalton claims to be an Australian national who has been residing in Kuala Lumpur City, Malaysia for over 15 years. Outside of InvesableAI, nothing else is known about Lee Dalton that can be verified. What we do know is that he has no background in Forex/crypto trading nor hedge fund management. He does have an active LinkedIn Profile; There are no posts on his LinkedIn profile or Facebook profile before the launch of InvesibleAI. In fact his Facebook profile was just created in August 2023.

Richmond Ray Gonzales ~ CEO & Co-Founder

Richmond Ray Gonzales is a native of Singapore with ties to Australia. Prior to InvesableAI he was a sales/marketing professional at various companies in Singapore and Australia. Outside of InvesableAI, nothing else is known about Richmond Ray Gonzales that can be verified. What we do know is that he has no background in Forex/crypto trading nor hedge fund management. He does have an active LinkedIn Profile and Facebook Profile

How Does InvesableAI Make Money To Pay Members

It makes you wonder how does Invesable make money to pay its members. Especially when you consider that InvesableAI offers very lucrative investment packages along with a robust affiliate program that pays up to 27% along with various bonuses. During their Zoom meetings as well as training videos, the CEO of InvesableAI Lee Dalton and the marketing director Reid Fletcher have stated that revenue for the company is generated by the following:

Artificial Intelligence Trading Bot – they claim that portion of investors funds are used by the AI bot to trade on Binance exchange to generate massive profits. In one of their videos, they gave just a sneak peak at one of their trades. While the video, does not show everything, it is a good sign that they are attempting to be transparent. They published the video on their YouTube channel on 14th July 2023. You can watch it here.

Internal Exchange Fees – Invesable AI has its own internal exchange in the backoffice. Members of the platform can use the exchange to convert one crypto currency to another at a fee of just 2%. This is very beneficial should you receive referral commissions in various crypto currencies. Instead of having to withdraw small amounts of various currencies, you can just convert all to a specific currency and do one withdrawal. A lot of members use the exchange, hence the 2% fee can quickly add up to create revenue for the company.

Internal Transfer – Invesable AI has a feature in the backoffice that permits a member to transfer funds to another member. Just like the internal exchange feature, using the internal transfer feature has a fee of 2%.

InvesableAI Token – InvesableAI have briefly mentioned that they will soon launch a token. They indicate that the token is expected to gradually increase in value which will generate liquidity for the company.

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My Honest Opinion About Invesable AI

This is only my honest OPINION about InvesableAI. Remember, I am not a financial advisor, neither am I giving you financial advise. I am a member of Invesable and many similar platforms. However, I remain unbiased as much as possible even when it severely impacts any commission I could have made. I do admit that I have used and continue to use programs like Invesable AI.

The main purpose of me joining any of these types of programs is to get a first hand experience of the platform so that I can give you a fair review. It is never my intention to lure YOU or anyone into such programs without YOU understanding the high risk of loss involved. Continue reading for my honest conclusion about InvesableAI Asset Management PTE. Limited…

InvesableAI Ltd appears to be performing well in my personal experience at the moment. However, it’s essential to note that it operates as a High Yield Investment Program, which inherently carries a substantial risk of financial loss. These types of programs often exhibit strong initial performance to attract new investors and their capital. Offering a daily return ranging from 1% to 3% is exceptionally high and likely unsustainable over the long term. Additionally, the extremely high bonus rewards offered to promotors of the Invisible AI platform, will make it very difficult for this program to last beyond 6 months.

InvesableAi Limited is officially registered in Singapore to offer “Other Financial Service Activities, Except Insurance and Funding Activities”. They claim to have a trading bot that generates huge profits from crypto and forex trading. Nonetheless, their website lacks verifiable evidence demonstrating how these profits are generated. Claims of involvement in FOREX and crypto-trading are commonly used tactics by high yield investment websites like InvesableAI to encourage additional investments from their members. It’s highly probable that new deposits are being used to cover withdrawal requests from earlier members.

As soon as the influx of new memberships and investments slows down, the company’s sustainability is compromised, and payouts may cease. These characteristics align with those of a typical crypto Ponzi Scheme. The reality is not a matter of IF the program will collapse or become a scam, but rather WHEN and HOW SOON it will happen.

The duration of the domain registration, which is 2 years as opposed to the typical 1 year, holds little significance. My skepticism leads me to believe that INVESABLEAI won’t endure anywhere close to the full 2-year period. It’s worth noting that domain name registration is quite affordable, typically costing between $10 to $20 per year. Consequently, extending the domain registration doesn’t provide a compelling reason to invest recklessly in Invesable AI Asset Management PTE Limited. A similar scenario occurred with the Bitplam Limited high yield investment program, whose domain was also registered for 4 years but ceased payments to members after just 3 months.

InvesableAI claims to be involved in the creation of their own token, yet they offer no tangible evidence to support this assertion, and no online track record can be found to substantiate their claims. Their website boasts the imminent release of a Invesable crypto token; however, I hold reservations about its potential value. Furthermore, I suspect that this token release may never come to fruition and is merely a tactic to persuade investors to pour more money into the InvesableAI platform by creating the illusion of participation in a significant venture.

Should You Join InvesableAI?

The decision to join InvesableAI or any similar opportunity should be made with caution, and it is crucial to conduct thorough due diligence. I am not a financial advisor, so the choice ultimately rests with you. If you decide to join InvesableAI Limited or similar programs, consider joining early to potentially secure a profit and aim to withdraw your initial investment as soon as possible. While maintaining a positive outlook is essential, only invest what you can afford to lose.

Investing with InvesableAI Limited can potentially yield favorable returns, but it’s crucial to acknowledge the associated risks, including the possibility of losing some or all of your capital. I’ve had prior experience with similar programs like Softrade AI Limited and MetaFiYielders. Both MetafiYielders and Soft Trade AI had a so called “CEO” to make the platform seem legit, but they collapse a few months later.

SoftradeAI, for instance, offered returns ranging from 2% to 5%, but unfortunately, it abruptly ceased operations, resulting in substantial losses for many investors. InvesableAI, in contrast, is currently offering lower daily return percentages on investments. Consequently, it might have the potential to endure beyond the 60 to 70-day timeframe. This is provided the owner refrains from prematurely shutting it down due to excessive greed. Further, that they reconsider paying out such high bonuses to promotors.

Fake CEO of Invesable AI?

It’s important to recognize that High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) like Invesable AI are highly unpredictable. We have limited insight into the owner’s mindset, and their identity is often concealed or fictitious. In fact, even when there is a person who is visible as the CEO of the program, it is usually not the case. Whenever a CEO is present, they are usually just a hired actor or a person who has been paid handsomely to pretend to be the CEO to gain support and trust from potential investors.

High Yield Inestment sites like Invesable AI are usually owned and operated by scammers in Russia and other middle eastern countries. Hence the incorrect spellings and grammatical errors on the website. These scam artists, do in turn hire an English speaking person or persons to act as “the face” or “CEO” of the company. English speaking countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia are usually their target market because persons in these countries have access to a lot of capital to invest into the program.

Based on my 10+ years of experience with these types of platforms, I would say that InvesableAI CEO Lee Dalton, Ray Gonzales and the marketing guy Reid Fletcher are only the face of the company. Hence, you should be careful not believe everything they say.

View programs like InvesableAI Limited as more of a gamble than a reliable income source. The outcome could be either a win or a loss. However, it’s also true that there can be no reward without some level of risk. If you are unwilling to take any risks, it’s advisable to steer clear of this platform. The owners of such platforms are typically unknown and prioritize their own interests. Your best chance of minimizing potential losses is to join early and make daily withdrawals to recoup a portion of your initial deposit in case the program suddenly collapses.

How Long Will InvesableAI Last?

As for how long InvesableAI Limited will last, only the owner and operators hold that information. In comparison to numerous scam HYIPs online, seems to offer a relatively better opportunity. Nonetheless, I must emphasize that you should never invest money you cannot afford to lose, as I am not a financial advisor and cannot predict when this program might collapse.

In my assessment of this platform, I would not recommend joining InvesableAI Limited if you missed the initial 15-20 days after its launch. The program’s longevity may depend on the direction of cryptocurrency prices; if they rise, it could endure longer than the typical 30 to 60-day cycle, but if they decline, it may collapse sooner than expected since there are no external income sources aside from new member deposits. Programs such as InvesableAI usually do not last beyond 2 cycles. Considering that the basic plan is about a 30 day cycle, the InvesableAI program will MOST LIKELY not safely last beyond 60 to 70 days.

Should it last beyond that time, some changes may be employed to entice members to make larger deposits to payout withdrawals to older members. This can come in the form of extra bonus for fresh deposits. This will be done so as not to appear that they are having withdrawal issues.

Additionally, they will also try to attract YouTubers and other crypto influencers to help bring new investors into the program. Some of these Youtubers and influencers are paid separately or are given funds from the HYIP owner to do a LIVE deposit on video to gain trust from investors to add more money. Hence, this creates momentum behind the platform and possibly extend its life for another cycle. However, it usually will not last beyond an additional cycle.

This is only my opinion about InvesableAI and please do not take it as financial advice. Whatever path you choose with InvesableAI Asset Management Limited, I wish you the best.

If this review has been beneficial, please consider sharing it or leaving a comment below. Thanks and Take care!

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